My Blogging Regrets & Mistakes

Here’s a list of regrets over on New-Lune about blogging, but what it actually is, is a list of things to strive for to make our blog just a little better and as someone trying to do just that, I found this post at just the right time. If you’re new to blogging or even looking to inject some new life into your blog, you could do a lot worse than reading this advice…

New Lune

I think we all have made mistakes and have regrets when it comes to blogging, whether it was done on purpose or unintentionally, that’s why I wanted to share with you the mistakes I’ve made so you can’t do the same mistakes as I did – as well as the things I’ve learnt from these mistakes.

But more importantly I wanted to say that it’s okay to have those regrets. We all learn something valuable and it makes us appreciate the things we have achieved right now. So grab a cup of coffee or tea because it’s going to be a long post and if you’re interested then keep on reading!

Je pense que nous avons tous commis des erreurs et des regrets en ce qui concerne les blogs, que cela ait été fait intentionnellement ou non, c’est pourquoi je voulais partager avec vous les erreurs que j’ai commises afin…

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