Road to a [Horror] Comic: Week 2-3

Welcome back to my update on how my comic is coming along.

If you’re new here, you can check back to the first post HERE, but basically the idea is that I am aiming to draw a comic based on one of my short horror stories. However I am currently trying to overcome the problem of not being able to draw!

It’s certainly an exciting adventure, and contrary to what I originally feared, it has not taken me away from writing, far from it. I have found myself becoming much more structured in how I spend my time and energy and as a result I have been able to write a reasonable amount of fiction daily, as well as write several long blog posts on author self-promotion on Instagram (HERE and HERE), the third and final part of that series appearing on Monday 1st April (not a joke – it’s already scheduled).

So onto progress for the comic this week:

Comic Progress – Day 14-20

Last time I felt that I had made good progress with learning to draw faces in profile. So much so that I felt it was already time to move on to the next thing, which would be drawing faces front-on.

So this is where I started the week, the baseline, if you like. Not hideous, but not what I would call good.

This is day 16’s offering. I had spent a bit more time watching videos as to how to draw the face. Just like writing, it looks easy enough, but also like writing, it’s not, and will take some practice.

By day 17, the face is beginning to look face-like. His eyes are a bit crooked and too close together, but hey.

Day 18 was my best so far. Everything is roughly in proportion and in the right place. He’s even starting to look like one of the characters f=that I had in my minds-eye from my story.

So, halfway through the week I think – ‘how often am I going to have this type of image in the comic?’ Not too many is the answer, so I figure I should start trying to draw the heads in more dynamic poses, which for the purposes of my progression, will be a three quarter turn to he left or right. Like the faces, the guides made it look easy, but also like the faces, it isn’t.

These are some early efforts. To be honest, they only vaguely resemble heads. To me, they look more like the cast of Lord of the Rings.

Here, I have another go, this time on my lunch break at work. The only paper I had to hand was the back of an envelope from a birthday card. This is improvement.

This is towards the end of this week. There has been definite improvement, but it all still feels quite random, in terms of any successes I have.

So as I write this, it’s day 19. I will attempt some more later on this evening, but I think I’m going to change focus again. I don’t envisage the faces / heads in the comic being too detailed, so I will try to stumble along improving what you see above, but I want to get down to what I see is going to be the most challenging for me – the bodies. Limbs, hands and feet scare me.

I’m pretty much decided upon Reproductive Cycle as the story I will be going with. It’s a horror story about a plant that just wants to reproduce, and it won’t let anything – or anyone – get in its way. This story is not available to read as yet, but you can listen to it over on YouTube.

My question to you: Have you ever tried something out of left field with regards to your book? What did you do?

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