Road to a Comic: Week 1

Last time I spoke about my desire to turn one of my short stories into a comic. Today marks the end of my first week and here is my first progress update.

I am at the very early stages of learning this new skill, although not the absolute beginning, as I would say I at least have a modicum of ability, in that I can draw straight lines and circles!

I see these early stages as crucial-in being able to complete this task, in the same way that i saw my early efforts at writing stories to be critical to my success in writing books.

I wrote some stuff that, at the time, I thought was the dog’s danglies. It had horror, scary characters, the works. In fact, it was one of the first things I ever had published in a free online magazine. It’s called Intensive Caring and started like this:

Alice snorted and spat a large glob of green phlegm down the back of the man she pushed in the wheelchair in front of her. He won’t feel it, she reasoned, reduced sensation in his upper body, as he likes to tell me.  She smirked at the thought, as she was not entirely convinced that she believed it.  She had made it her goal on more than one occasion to test this assertion, resulting in a range of injuries to Simon, the man she now pushed, the man who paid her a hefty chunk of his meagre income to be his carer.

Somebody obviously liked it, although when I look back now (five years), I cringe a little bit, although this was a necessary step on my way to where I am now. As a new author at the time, this was a building block to start the process of growth, and it highlighted some of the areas on which I needed to work, namely, having rising tension in short stories, with an actual beginning, middle and end.

Back to the Drawing Board

So to close out this first week I have begun working on those building blocks that will ultimately take me to my goal of a completed comic (hopefully). To that end, I have been working on drawing heads, because I think there will be plenty of those in the comic.

You will see from last time that I have experimented with drawing the faces in anime style. Initially this appealed to me, as a fan of manga-style comics and animation, but also because the faces and characters have a lot less detail and seemed easier to draw!

But that seemed like the easy option, and why would I take the easy route when there is a perfectly difficult and infuriating one that I can take?

I don’t think I need to say anything

So, on my last day of the week I started working on drawing heads. Heads pointing in a variety of directions. It’s either that, or I only ever draw people in profile.

You will see that there is a lot of work to do, but I can see some promise in some of the drawings. Some of them actually look like heads!

not bad…

Now this fella at least has a head shaped like a head, albeit a bit elongated, and I’m not sure what his nose is doing.

Theresa May?

This one didn’t pan out as well. I think it was late…

Probably my best effort

This is the last I will share today, as the others are pretty bad, and I know I talked last time about not worrying about what you are writing / drawing and just share it, but I think you have enough info above to make up your mind about my skills to date.

So, that’s the end of a full week of drawing. I have kept up the writing as well, and this blog has seen its share of posts. It can be done. I’m not sure how / if I’m going to be able to complete this task, and what it will turn out like if I do, but I’m determined, I know that.

Any good artists along you, please feel free to critique my work, but please be kind and please remember this is week one. For those of you in the know, I’ve been using the Loomis method for the heads.

Looking forward to next week already.

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