Writing on the move! I’ve Discovered a New Tool!

So, I’ve been away on holiday. Hooray for me! My wife, son and myself have spent the last week in sunny Devon, and very nice it was, but I’ve been working on an idea for a novel which I didn’t want to leave behind for a whole week. Of course I took my notepad and pen (As I don’t own a laptop, believe it or not), but i wanted some technology, and I found it the form of an App for my iPhone (other smartphones are available).

The app is called MyStory.today, and it is fairly new (no reviews on the app store at time of writing). It is available in iOS flavour or Android from the GooglePlay store. It works in a similar way to much costlier software (it’s free) like Scrivener, although obviously is not as feature rich. But for what I needed, it served my purpose.

If you’re on the look out for something to take with you to get down your ideas, read on for details about this little gem:

Once installed, you are given the opportunity to create your book (s). Here is my creatively titled ‘My Novel’:

MyStory Today

Next, you are able to add chapters, characters and places:

IMG_0334.PNG IMG_0335.PNG

Each time you add a chapter, you are able to add scenes within that chapter, along with detailed notes about each scene / chapter / character:

IMG_0336.PNG IMG_0337.PNG

When you are viewing the ‘chapters’ tab, you have the ability to view each of your chapters in cork board fashion, allowing you to drag and reorder the scenes that appear in your book. As you can see below, you only get to see these scenes / chapters as large posts-it style notes, meaning you can only see one or two on screen at once, but they can still be dragged and reordered as needed.


OKay, so it’s not as accomplished as Scrivener, but there are some clever things you can do, like linking characters or places to certain parts of the text, or adding custom labels to help organise your thoughts. Which is helpful, if like me, you write all over the place!

IMG_0338.PNG  IMG_0341.PNG

You will also notice from the above image, that you can export your book, which you can do either as a LibreOffice writer file (.odt) or as a Microsoft Word file (.docx), so once you have all your notes down in MyStory, you can move them all somewhere else, such as Scrivener or Word.

I found MyStory.Today easy to use, with minimal time spent searching the interface to find things. I could include as much or as little detail as needed. I used it in the outlining phase of my idea. Being able to shuffle ideas around to get them in the desired position was really helpful.

Give it a look and let me know if you use any other similar pieces of software. You can download MyStory.Today for free:

downloadonappstore.png  en_badge_web_generic.png

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