For lovers of fantasy, here’s a list of FIFTY series to get to work on…


We all have our own list of “overlooked” fantasy series. You know the ones which somehow, someway, did not turn into the next Harry Potter — even though you liked it better.

Okay, maybe, some of these fantasy series were not as amazing as novels penned by Tolkien or Abercrombie or Weeks or one of the other “it” writers, but you personally enjoyed them, have not forgotten about them.  In fact, whenever the opportunity presents itself, you recommend these forgotten series to your friends, argue that they are worth the trouble of finding at the local used book store or at Amazon.

Well, folks, this list is about just that: the fantasy series that I (and my friends) have enjoyed in our lifetime but not enough of you have given a try. While some of these novels aren’t the best of the best, they were good enough for us to…

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