WHAT’S NEW down at Corny Cove?

Something for the mystery lovers among you…

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Looks like it’s time for a celebration, hey?

If you’ve been on my website within the last week or two, you’ll have noticed something different…

The Tales from Corny Cove series has had a major makeover!

And about time, too! Up till now, I’ve never felt the covers truly reflected the nature of the fun easy-read stories that makes up the series. So now we’ve got Henry & Margaret – the two main characters at Corny Cove – featured on the covers, as well as images that give you a glimpse into each of the five tales.

(Note: stay tuned for an exclusive freebie further down…)


“But I haven’t read the Tales from Corny Cove. What’s it all about?”

Well, when Henry & Margaret sell up and move down to the south of England to live their ‘dream life’, they stumble upon the golden sands of Corny Cove. They’re…

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2 thoughts on “WHAT’S NEW down at Corny Cove?

  1. Thanks for the share, Steve. Err… Just thought I’d better mention: I call these a series of ‘fun feel-good tales. They’re not mysteries like my other ones. Sorry to confuse – it’s bound to happen when you’re an eclectic writer.

    Anyway, great to see you’re still around! 🙂

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