Word count calculator to keep you on track, plus mini update

I’ve had my head down for the last few weeks, doing other things, but I wanted to get things back on track. I am working on a blog post about email lists – what are they, and do I need them? It’s turning into a monster and currently sits at almost2.5K words. If you’ve ever wondered about having one, or perhaps you can’t see the benefit, stay tuned. Click ‘follow’ to be informed when it’s ready.

I’ll be doing another edition of ‘Author with Multiple Sclerosis’ in the next week or so, where I’ll talk about all the things that have been going on (or not, in the case of my health), but today I had one thing I wanted to mention, and one free little word-count calculator I dreamed up (I find myself becoming obsessed with schedules and word counts). Hopefully you’ll find it useful in planning your writing. On with the post:

In my salaried job, I work for a charity that offers advice, information and support to disabled people. Last week I answered the phone to a gentleman that had a benefits related problem. Now, I’m not the benefits expert in our team, but I listened to his query, and this is what it was:

He is a single father who has two children, both of which have disabilities, one with a severe disability, requiring full time care. This father lives in a three bedroom house, one for him and each of his children. With me so far?

Well he was having difficulty as he has just been presented with a large bill for unpaid rent, over a year or so, and he was struggling to pay this.

How does he find himself in this predicament?

The child requiring full-time care requires a lot of equipment and adaptations of his house, so the father has requested the housing provider to allow him to make these modifications. The provider said this would be too costly, but before you start shouting, they offered him a bigger house with more rooms to accommodate the additional requirements.

What they didn’t tell him, was that now, they were going to charge him the ‘Under Usage charge’ or ‘bedroom tax,’ which places a charge on social tenants that have more rooms than they need. So 3 people and 4 rooms = charge. They neglected to tell him this, and because he had assumed he was being offered this house to cater for his needs, this went on for almost a year, accruing a large bill.

Now me, in my naivety, asked our benefits adviser, saying ‘can this happen?’ Well yes, it can, and he had an even ‘better’ story to tell:

A woman, an older woman with age related disabilities, lives on her own in a two bedroom flat. She has three grown daughters that share the duties of staying over with their mum, throughout the week, meaning the every night of the week, someone was in the spare room. No additional charge, right?


Because the room was not occupied by ONE individual all week, this did not meet the criteria of being occupied. Go figure.

Anyway, the Word Count Calculator I Mentioned:

Hopefully it’s self explanatory, but you can use it to calculate the length of time it will take you to reach a particular word count. I have included a drop down list that will give you an average word count for that genre. Just input how long you wish to be working on it and you will be given the word counts you need (daily or weekly) to reach your total in the time you stated.

Alternatively, you can enter your own desired word count and get the same results.

The final option allows you to put in how many words a day you typically write, along with your target, and it will tell you how long it will take you to get there.

word count calculatorClick the image to get the calculator.

I hope that has some value to you. It did to me – it brought me back to my keyboard…


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