How to get your hands on 30k words of FREE fiction

half a loaf of fiction Steve BoseleyFor a long time, I’ve been offering a free story to readers as an incentive to join my email list. It has been chugging along, adding people here and there, but I felt like I wanted to offer something more. Something different. But what? Two stories? I’m not sure if I can sell myself on the back of one short story, or even two. I need something more. After much searching and thinking, I came up with the idea for ‘Half a Loaf of Fiction.’

I couldn’t settle on one thing, so I’ve come up with a compendium of my work, covering horror (of course), humour (of course), plus much more! At this point in my writing life, I’m interested in making links with potential readers, so I wanted to share parer of me in this book, so as well as short stories, you can also read some of my other work, get a look behind the scenes of A Sinister Six, the inspiration that made each of the six stories, and sample some of my blog posts, designed to make you smile.

So here’s what you get in this 30k word monster:

  • TWO new short horror stories from my next book – Read ‘The Island’ and ‘Into The Scar’
  • ONE reworking of a classic fairy tale – Horror style! – Read ‘Tooth Fairy’
  • Art and Inspiration from all SIX stories in ‘A Sinister Six’ – A look at some of the images, places and people that went into each of the stories in ‘A Sinister Six’
  • Interview with Steve – In place of an author bio, Steve answers a series of questions about his writing, his motivations and inspirations
  • Character creation – read the stories of three alternate ‘superheroes’, with unfortunate powers. Read how they discover their powers and learn about the bizarre way they deploy these powers.
  • Author test – have you got what it takes? – A tongue-in-cheek look at some of the characteristics that make up an author. Score yourself!
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about Steve but didn’t care enough to ask – Steve answers 50 questions about himself, his work, and his favourite things. More tongue-in-cheek humour
  • Spennyriver Dispatch: News from a fictional town in the Midlands – Spennyriver is a small town deep in the heart of the Midlands, UK. It’s like a regular town with regular people. Just weirder.
  • Spennyriver English: Learn to speak the lingo of this strange town – a range of phrases and words you are sure to come across in Spennyriver

It was a lot of fun to write. Of the two FREE stories, The Island will soon be available to purchase, but you can get it HERE for free, with much more!


8 thoughts on “How to get your hands on 30k words of FREE fiction

  1. All right Steve, sold! Actually it’s a great idea to get people to sign up to email subscription. I don’t have an email list because I don’t fully understand the benefit, so while I’m signing up to yours (and enjoying your books) would you enlighten me as to the need for an email list?

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    1. Thanks Jessica! I was similarly sceptical about having an email list until I was pursued to have a go. The list gives me the ability to speak directly to readers who like what I write. I like to offer lots of free stuff, info and updates. To put it in perspective, the whole of the last 12 months I had a list of 35 names and maybe 25 downloads of a particular book. I have grown my list to over 1100 in the last 2 months and over the same time that same book has had over 700 downloads. It opens up possibilities such as cross-promotion with other authors. In a nutshell, it’s a marketing tool, one that is HUGELY more popular than social media. My tweets may get 3 or 4 clicks but my email has a click rate approaching 50%.

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