Chapterbuzz 10k Challenge: Final Update

Jungle Steve Boseley short storyThis is the end of my short story Jungle. It’s the story of 2 children that discover there is more than just pictures in a book they find.  All the parts can be found on this blog, or you can get the whole thing HERE.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it.

The final part:

As they got closer, they noticed part of the jungle ahead of them begin to move, shake. It was a strange phenomenon, hard to focus on, but Flynn pulled Ellie to one side, ducking down behind a fallen tree. He put his finger to his lips as they crouched down. After a moment, the shimmering scene resolved, and the children saw their mother step into view.

“She’s gonna freak,” said Flynn. “We’d better explain. Come on.” The pair climbed over the tree and started towards their mum.

“Mum!” shouted Ellie. “We’re okay!” She was waving her arms, but Mrs Lawson wasn’t looking at her. Mrs Lawson had seen the book.

As the children approached the book, they were shouting, but their mum did not turn, did not give the slightest acknowledgement that she had heard them.

Mere paces away from their mum, both children felt the resistance at the same time. Ellie was knocked to the ground and Flynn stumbled backwards. Flynn tried once more to move the final few metres to his mum, but again found his progress halted.

“Mum! Mum!” Ellie had regained her feet and was clawing her way towards her mum.

Flynn joined her in screaming for his mum, but still she gave no sign that she had heard them.


Mrs Lawson opened Ellie’s bedroom door and stepped into the room. Her children had been quiet for entirely too long. If they were both doing homework without being asked, it would be a first. However, when she stepped into the room, Ellie was not there.

The room looked like it needed a tidy: a pair of her shoes that had been kicked off lay in the corner. A whole box of toys had been overturned just behind the door. A pile of clothes that had been there for over a week lay at the foot of her bed.

It was a wonder that with all the mess, Mrs Lawson was able to see a book lying open on the floor beneath the window. She stepped over the toys and games and reached down for the book. She picked it up and turned it over. She recognised it as the one they had bought days earlier.

Looking back at the page, she saw it was a pop-up book. Trees leaned out of the page towards her. She had to admit that as far as children’s books go, the illustrations in this one were excellent. Very realistic.

Mrs Lawson turned the page and gave a start, as a big cat seemed to jump out of the page towards her. It was just a pop up picture, she told herself and laughed. Incredibly realistic. A leopard or a jaguar, she presumed. It had gold fur, with a speckled pattern and big teeth. Whatever it was, it appeared to be jumping away from the jaws of a giant crocodile.

Mrs Lawson spent a moment admiring the intricacy of the image, before closing the book and placing it on Ellie’s desk. She would have to have a word with her daughter about the state of her room. When she found her, anyway.

That was Jungle. If you are interested in helping make this story better, leave a comment and let me know!


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