Fragment Friday: Jessica Bakkers Edition

Guest Post Fragment FridayAnother week gone, and today for Fragment Friday, I present for your enjoyment a piece by author Jessica Bakkers, who is sharing an excerpt of her work-in-progress, Raising Death, the first book in The Guns of Perdition Saga.

Jessica is not new to writing, but is new to the writing community and to sharing her work!  She is hoping to publish Raising Death in the next few months, so sit back and enjoy a clip from the first book in the The Guns of Perdition Saga.

Excerpt from The Guns of Perdition Saga – Book 1 – Raising Death

No one moved. The Bad Hoss Saloon was dead silent. Orville sat on his knees behind his bar with his hands over his head. Lonnie held his broom handle tightly and watched the drifter. She stood behind the bar with her hands on the matching S&W .44’s on her hips and her gaze fixed on Ina Maddox. The saloon girl, a pretty smile on her lips, stood with her back against the wall looking as though she was about to begin a dance. Henry Peyton, the piano player shifted on his stool and caught a key with his elbow. The key plunked and a single strained note pierced the tense anticipation, and suddenly Hell was unleashed.

Ina Maddox screamed a shrill unearthly screech and her wide open mouth revealed a wicked set of fangs. Her eyes were no longer moss green, they had become glaring red orbs set in her nearly translucent skin. She launched unnaturally, twenty feet into the air at the same moment as the drifter drew her guns and unloaded in rapid succession as Ina smashed onto a poker table, sending cards and coins flying everywhere. The poker players scrambled back from the red-eyed, fanged fiend amidst them but Ina’s clawed hands sank into old Joe Mueller and she dragged him towards her. The drifter drew a quick bead on Ina but Joe’s bushy face blocked her shot as Ina held the old timer in a vice-like grip. Ina leaned out from behind the old cowpoke and hissed at the drifter; a feral animal-like sound. One of her long clawed hands slid to Joe’s hip and withdrew his old six-gun. She hastily aimed and squeezed the trigger.

The drifter dove to the floor behind the bar as bullets slammed into the bottles on the wall above her. Glass and booze rained down on her as she crawled on her elbows and knees down to the other end of the counter. The thunder of gunfire fell silent and old Joe’s scream cut off with a gurgle. The drifter leapt up in time to see Ina rip her fangs out of old Joe’s throat along with a huge chunk of red, wobbling flesh. Ina grinned; blood ran down her chin as she spat out the flesh and let Joe’s body slither to the floor.

The drifter rapidly shot four bullets into Ina who stumbled back with each hit and hissed angrily. The drifter dove over the counter and rolled to her feet on the other side, coming up shooting until she was dry. Each bullet slammed into Ina and pushed her backwards but seemed to have no other effect on the saloon girl. The drifter holstered her .44s and ran headlong at Ina. Her hand disappeared beneath her coat and when she withdrew it she held aloft a gleaming cavalry sabre.

Ina growled savagely and opened her arms wide as though to receive the drifter in a warm embrace. The drifter swung viciously with the sabre as Ina jerked backwards. The sword whistled inches from her neck. Ina swiped with her vicious claws and raked the drifter’s arm. Parallel lines of blood bloomed across the drifter’s sleeve but didn’t slow her. She spun and lunged with the sabre. The silver blade slid straight through Ina’s pale flesh and drew a screech from the saloon girl’s red mouth.

Jessica Bakkers Fragment FridayAbout Jessica:

Born in Adelaide, Australia in the ’80s, Jessica was raised on a farm in Victoria and brought up on a diet of Pink Floyd, Star Wars and Monty Python.

Jessica began a love affair with reading at an early age thanks to her mother’s own voracious appetite for books. While her school friends were reading about the adventures of the baby sitter’s club, Jessica was sinking her teeth into Stephen King’s ‘It’… and having sleepless nights as a result; convinced Pennywise was haunting her bedroom.

At the same time, Jessica turned her hand to writing. Her first stories were experimentation’s of genre mash-ups (think wizards in space!) and adventure stories until her teenage hormones kicked in and she found dark, morbid poetry. Many-rhyming-words-for-blood later, Jessica was still reading and writing, but also a young adult ready to head out into the world and make her mark. Her intention was to study literature and linguistics with a philosophy minor on the side. And so she did… for three months, until she learnt of those things all adults know to be reality; bills, mortgage and money.

Jessica went on to gain a Bachelor of Arts, Rural Social welfare degree, and now works as a team leader for a Disability Support Services organisation, but as her experience has grown, so has her desire to write.

Where to find Jessica:

Website – The Written Word

Facebook      Twitter

Linked In     Upwork

Drop by Jessica’s website to say hello!

If you want to be featured here with your book / website / short story, just drop me a line at authorsteveboseley (at) gmail (dot) com with a subject line ‘Fragment Friday Shoutout.’


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