What Should an Author Blog About?

Mr Story Reading Ape has shared an excellent article on what should an author blog about. Anybody reading my blog may say ‘Steve, you need to read this’ Well i’ve read it…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

by Anne R. Allen

The most common question I get from authors who are thinking about starting a blog is: “What should an author blog about?”

My answer isn’t the same as what you’ll hear from the major blogging gurus. That’s because 90% of the advice on blogging is about business blogs—ones that sell advertising. Most of their rules simply don’t apply to authors. We’re blogging to sell our own books, not other people’s products.

Business bloggers will tell you to find a niche, stick with it, and blog 3-5 times a week. They’ll say you need lots of bells and whistles and they’ll urge you to be aggressive about snagging subscribers with tricks and bribes.

But if you’re blogging to promote a fiction writing career, forget niches, numbers, and competitive behavior. Instead, aim to be friendly, welcoming and entertaining.

Also: don’t let your blog take over your fiction writing…

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