Merle’s Story Part 10: An Unfortunate Superpower

Link to part 9 and other parts.

If you’ve been following along with Merle’s story, you will know by now that this young man has discovered his superpower and also the damage it can do. last time we left him trying to clear the air with his eight-year-old time travelling friend.  He was just in the process of digging himself into a hole.  This is part 10, the FINAL part.  Enjoy.


“Well I’m bloody glad –” He clapped a hand over his mouth again, conscious of the eight-year-old sat opposite him. “Sorry. Shit, I’ve got to stop-” His hand flew to his mouth again, as Lu giggled. “Bollox-” This time both hands covered his mouth. He sat that way and watched Lu as she rocked back in her chair laughing. He took a few deep breaths then removed his hands. “Sorry,” he finished.

“It’s fine Merle, don’t worry.” Lu’s laughter began to subside, and she sat forward in her chair again. “How are you? What happened when I left?”

“We couldn’t have cut it any closer. When I arrived back, I was already in the car. We were parked up, and Hayley was sitting next to me.”

“What were you doing?” asked Lu.

“Just talking.” Merle had no intentions of going in to any more detail than that.

“So I got you back before, what was it,” She paused again, “Your sperm came out?”

Merle winced again.

“A few minutes before, yes.”

“Good. I’m glad you kept hold of it.”

I’m not, thought Merle, my bloody bollox were aching when I got home. He sat up quickly and just ran the last sentence through his mind, to check he had just thought it and not said it.

“Me too,” he said eventually, “me too.”

“What do you think happened?”

“I’ve got no idea. I’m gonna go and see Casey tomorrow. See if he has any insight.”

“Good idea. I think you’d better go now, before my parents start to wonder what we are talking about.”

Merle nodded and stood up. The pair moved back to the door and said their goodbyes. Merle walked back along the street to his car. When he slammed the door shut he lay back in his seat and let out a long breath that he hadn’t realised he’d been holding. Casey would help him. Casey was probably the most useful of their bunch. Casey could read your mind, really read it. He could get deep inside your head and find things that even you didn’t know were hidden in there. Merle and Casey had grown up together, chased girls together, gone to school together. Merle had been with Casey when he discovered his talent, his super-power, if you will. Being able to get inside someone’s head was a skill Merle was insanely jealous of. He thought Casey had the best gift of their group. It was just a shame that Casey had to lick the face of the person whose mind he wanted to read.

That’s it for Merle.  If you’re interested in Merle’s other friends (like Casey) let me know in the comments!

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