Chapterbuzz 10k challenge update 3

Been a bit short of time today, so just a short update to Jungle. The children are trying to persuade mum to buy the book.  Ley me know what you think.

Get the story so far HERE.

“What does that mean? Might something happen?

“It might. Just don’t keep it open for too long.” He chuckled and stepped back from the counter.

Mrs Lawson turned back and reached for her purse. “Thank you sir, I think we’ll just take it. These two will have nightmares if you carry on. “How much will that be?”

The counterman looked at her, then back at the children, then back to Mrs Lawson. “What do you think kids? Can I trust you to take care of this?”

“Yes!” shouted Ellie. “Can we get it mum? Please?”

“Again, sir. How much?”

Stepping around the counter, the counterman bent forward, hands on his knees bringing him eye to eye with Ellie. He stayed that way for a moment before standing up. “It’s yours. No Charge.” He slid the book off the counter and handed it to Ellie. “Keep it safe. If you need to read it, do it when you get home.”

Mrs Lawson made several attempts to pay for the book, but the counterman would take no money. Eventually the trio left the shop with the book tucked tightly under Ellie’s arm. Mrs Lawson was glad the book had been free. The children hadn’t even looked inside.

For the remainder of the shopping trip, Ellie didn’t stray from her mum’s side. She continued to clutch the book tightly under her arms. The anticipation of opening the book was almost too much to bear. The old man in the shop had made the book even more interesting than it had looked in the window. The urge to open it for a look – just a quick one, mind – was great, but she resisted and bounced along beside her mum and brother and imagined what she was going to find when she did open it.

Thanks for reading.  Let me know what you think about the story so far…

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