How a ‘growth’ mindset can help authors [Infographic]

Worrying about other people is hurting your writing.  How you frame your challenges and doubts can have an impact on your perception of your ability to grow and improve.  Print out this infographic, which has 10 ‘growth’ mindset statements and pin it over your desk.  It works for any area of your life.  Click the image for a bigger version.

Growth mindset steve boseley

Point 8 is the one I struggle with most of the time.  Do you ever say any of these things to yourself?  I know I do.




16 thoughts on “How a ‘growth’ mindset can help authors [Infographic]

      1. Oh wow- does facebook have other options these days? ( i haven’t used it in years, so am not up to date!). That’d certainly be handy!
        Yeah, definitely. And given that life is so competitive, it’s near impossible not to judge yourself as being “not good enough”, or others as “better” ( and vice versa in some cases!). It’s a bit sad…but it’s hard to avoid…

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  1. Each one of them pops into my mind periodically. But being an optimist by nature, that thought is usually followed by: ‘Wait a minute!’ And then I move on to the second column. However, the time gap between ‘Wait a minute!” and the second column varies, depending on the level of caffeine in my body at the time 🙂

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