Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt “How”

Stream of consciousness Saturday post from John Howell. Always worth giving up 5 minutes of your time for…

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SOCSHow do I start Stream of Consciousness Saturday? Well, like I always do with some kind words from Linda Hill. She has given us the prompt “How.” She further will allow bonus points if we start and end the post with the word “how.” Okay, so I have one-half of the bonus in the bag. (notice the first word up there.) If you want to learn more and join in here is a link to Linda’s post.

How by John W. Howell © 2017

“How do you think we are going to get out of this mess?”

“I’m not sure but for god’s sake keep your head down.”

“Don’t worry about me. Mrs. Dumbrowski didn’t raise no dumb shit.”

“Mrs. Dumbrowski? Who’s that?  Your name is Smith.”

“Oh, she was my caretaker when I was a kid.”

“Jeez. Always something with you. Why not just say Mrs. Smith didn’t raise no…

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