Spongebob – A story in 3 parts: Part 1

steve boseley short storySomething a bit different this week.  Here’s a story in 3 parts.  It’s only short and I’ll post a part over each of the next three days.  It’s something a bit different that I’ve been trying, told in present and past tense.  I’ve put a couple of questions at the end which I’d be grateful if you could give an answer to.  Only a couple of words, nothing major.  On with the first Story in 3 Parts.  It’s called Spongebob.

Robert looks up as he hears the squeal of tyres.

His first day at his new job had worked out better than he could have hoped. The man that he now called manager had filled that role previously, albeit over ten years ago, and the two had fitted back together as if it had been just yesterday. The interview process had been straight forward; he had completed an application form and submitted it. He had also attended an interview, but he knew that he was wanted for the position, as it had been his manager that had approached him initially. The manager was fully aware of Robert’s disability, and knew he was a wheelchair user, which was one less thing for Robert to worry about. Despite living in the twenty first century, equalities were not quite where they needed to be, and Robert had already faced his share of rejected applications, most of which he suspected were as a result of being a disabled person confined a wheelchair. Under equal opportunities he expected himself to be treated, well, more equally.

The wage was acceptable; not as much as he would have liked, but more than he had become used to. Over the last few years, he had grown used to living on a  wage that was almost half what it had been before the wheelchair. But of course, more is always better, and he had gratefully accepted the offer.


The car skids around the corner.

His family was in the front of his mind today. His son’s first week at a new school had gone well; he had made a couple of friends and joined an afterschool club. Not bad for a ten year old, thought Robert, especially a ten year old who had switched schools half way through term.

Robert had always worried about his son. He wasn’t built the same way as his older sister, who was the dictionary definition of gregarious. Four years older, she would flit from group to group, depending on her mood, whereas his son took time to make friends and did so carefully, with great anxiety.

Robert and his wife had often sat with their son and talked about his anxieties and concerns; to the grown-ups they were trifling, petty, but to a ten year old they were something much more, something to keep you awake at night.

Robert had a close relationship with his son. He was always there to watch his son compete in sports, always there to watch him in the school play, always his biggest supporter. The thought of his son struggling troubled Robert deeply. He knew his son thought deeply on events and situations, and he wanted to help him through them, but he knew he couldn’t be there all day every day and that, in turn, troubled Robert. Why do people do bad things? Why do people make fun of you dad? Why do the boys at school tease me? Robert didn’t have a good answer for his son’s questions but he tried to teach him that the only person you had control over was yourself, and the only thing you can control, is your reactions to these people. Robert felt he and his son had made great strides in the last few weeks and would continue to do so in the future.


Ok, that’s it for part 1.  Part 2 tomorrow.


  • Is this story format working for you (past / present tense)?
  • Would you rather see all parts in one go, or does splitting it seem ok (all parts are similar length)?

2 thoughts on “Spongebob – A story in 3 parts: Part 1

  1. I like the story format.
    Allows me to flick a switch and get a back story and a tense situation all at once without a chapter of back story leading up to the present.

    Also like the 3 part idea, as I lead a busy life it allows me to have time to read each part between school drop offs, work and after work activities.

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