Jonathan Maberry, Ramsey Campbell and 16 Other Amazing Horror Authors Tell Us What Books Terrify Them!

What scares the scarers…?

Horror Novel Reviews

Ever wonder what books scare your favorite horror authors?

What makes a Wildman like Joe Lansdale shiver? What pushes Kathe Koja to the brink? What makes a man like Ronald Malfi really tick?

We’ve got all of those answers for you, as we’ve taken our time to chat with 18 of our absolute favorite horror authors about the books that leave them sleeping with one eye open. Some of these selections may surprise you, while some will have you perusing Amazon in search of something new and promising.

Either way, it’s time to learn just a little bit of additional 411 about some of the greatest authors alive today!

Tim Waggoner (author of Nekropolis, The Winter Box)

THE MOTHMAN PROPHECIES by John Keel! It ends with this chilling quote: “If there is a universal mind, must it be sane?”

1761485Ramsey Campbell (author of The Wolf Man, Secret Stories)


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