China Girl by Nina D’Arcangela @WiHMonth @Sotet_Angyal #WiHM8 #Film #women

I’ve stumbled across a rich vein of horror gold, in a group of authors – The Pen of the Damned. Here is a piece from one of their members, Nina D’Arcangela. I think I will be featuring more from this group in the coming weeks!

Sotet Angyal

China Girl


Perfect poise, that’s all I ask: lips, crimson red; rouge, just a touch; skin, creamy alabaster. I’d prefer a dark brunette for balance but I suppose a chestnut will have to do. Yeah, yeah – that one.

Have a seat, dear, right over there. Yes, right there – sit still. No, I don’t want you to move. Don’t move, don’t blink, don’t fidget. Good. Now, shutter your eyes slightly… yes, just like that. Splendid: your shape, your size, your pallor, it’s all good; but not your leg. Huh? Yes, it’s lovely, but we don’t need it. I’m sorry; did you say something, again? You do realize that when you speak, your face moves, right? Did no one tell you to sit quietly and look the part, not try to play it? No, don’t answer that; answering is the same as speaking. Of course I realize you’re not an…

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