From The World Of Blogging- Edition 3

Loads of really useful info here for authors old and new!

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Edition one can be found here.

Edition two can be found here.

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Can you really fall out of love with your favourite genre? I don’t think I could ever get fed up with reading books and watching movies and T.V. shows with a Time-Travel theme. The subject has always fascinated me, and I’d be more likely to start eating parsnips than give up on time-travel. Joce, over at Write Through The Night, wrote an interesting post, Why I’ve Been (Unintentionally) Avoiding YA, outlining why she thinks she has outgrown reading Young Adult Fiction. You can read the post by clicking here. Head on over and join the debate.

Blogging Tips Featured Post

For many, social media can be a nightmare. Not only is there a learning curve, but there is just so many social media platforms to choose from. `10 Social Media Hacks That All…

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