120 Books – 9 Genres – FREE for a Limited Time!

Another multi-genre book offer! If you like Feee books (who doesn’t?), then you should probably take a look…

The Pyjama Writer Blog

120 Books - 9 Genres - FREE!

Over the past few months, fellow author Andrea Domanski, has been reaching out to as many authors as she knows to put together what I can only describe as a mega book bonanza for readers like yourself…

Somehow, she’s found a staggering 120 authors in every genre, from fantasy to romance, thriller to science fiction, historical fiction to action/adventure, and women’s literature to cozy mystery, who were each willing to give away one of their books…

And, for a limited time only (until 15th Feb), they’ll ALL be available to you, the reader, for FREE.

Yup, you read that right!

120 books in 9 genres – ALL FOR FREE!

All you need to do is click the link below to check out the selection, click on a book you like, and pick it up via Instafreebie…


I think you’ll agree that Andrea’s managed to put together…

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