FREE opportunity to shout about your book!

Fragment Friday horror storyOkay, so it’s Wednesday, but lets talk about #FragmentFriday.

What are we talking about?

Author / book promotion. As an author trying to reach out to as many people as possible to promote his work, I realise how valuable it is to have people that will offer you that platform to share your work and promote your books. I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured on several excellent blogs, giving me a chance to talk about me and my work. Here’s a few examples that I strongly suggest you visit and partake of the hospitality on offer:

Web sites

What is it?

Fragment Friday has been a feature on this blog for several months now. The idea came to me as a way to share extracts of my stories, or snippets of character creation. It started off as something to offer blog followers, but I also realised quite quickly that it was also a great way to promote my books. As I currently write mostly short stories, I have plenty to share! Currently, I’m promoting my new book A Sinister Six, by using #FragmentFriday posts to share short excerpts from each of the stories within.

How can you get involved?

Simple. If you have a new book, or perhaps even an older book you would like to talk about, get in touch, with a segment of your book or story (around 500 words), along with a link to your website / author page and how readers can get hold of your work. If you have a cover image you’d like to share, and a profile picture, send that as well.

If you are broadly in the ballpark of ‘dark fiction,’ then your work can live here!

If you’ve ever thought about, but never tried approaching another website to feature your work, then take this as your invitation to try! I reserve the right to decide what can and can’t feature on #FragmentFriday, but I will let you know which Friday it will be appearing, if suitable.

It will be most successful if you share the relevant post with your own blog followers and social media contacts.

I’d love to read what you’ve got and so would readers, so make sure you pick a nice and juicy section, to leave people wanting more.

2 thoughts on “FREE opportunity to shout about your book!

  1. I know how valuable making links is in promoting your writing. I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on other blogs and I would like to offer the same to others, particularly new authors. Spread the word! Thanks for the comment!


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