Ever thought about shaping a story as it’s written? Join me for the 10k and 10 challenge!

10k and 10 challengeI mentioned yesterday that I would need your help for my next project.  Well, it’s called the 10,000 and 10 novel writing challenge. Very similar to the November NaNoWriMo challenge (50k words in 31 days), this challenge has similar rules:

  • Write 10,000 words of your novel (or writing project) in the month of March.
  • Get 10 people to read it.

Why 10,000 and not 50,000?

Well, one of the things that NaNo does, is get you to get down 50K words in a short space of time. Writing ‘only’ 10,000 should, in theory, should enable you to give more thought to what you’re writing, so you end up with a reasonably polished start to your next writing project.

What about 10 readers. Why is that?

It’s about planting a seed for new authors, and I’ve decided that’s what I’m about. Helping people get their first reader, their first 10 readers, first 100 and so on. The 10 people can be anyone – friends, family, work colleagues.

But this challenge goes beyond getting people to read your work. It encourages reader-participation in that you, the readers, get to influence the way the story progresses, the theory being that by involving others in your work, they will become more engaged in the process and can shape the work into something that they would enjoy reading.

The best part?

As a reader, you get to shape the story into something that you love. After all, you’re the expert on knowing what you like!

As an author, you will have engaged with people that have a genuine interest in your work and already love what you do.

So that’s the challenge. It runs over the month of March, so authors, start your engines, and readers get ready to tell us how you like your fiction.  For more info, pop over to Timothy Pike’s Blog.


What do I need?

Exactly what I have said – 10 readers who are interested in becoming involved with my 10,000 words in March. I am enjoying writing short stories at the moment, and my next book will be another collection of stories. What that means for you, as readers, is that you will hopefully get to see the whole story, from start to finish!

If you are interested, simply head over to the CONTACT page and get in touch using the form on that page. Use ’10,000 and 10’ as the subject line.

I am still not quite sure how this works, whether the work is posted to another site, or to this one. If that’s the case, then you will ALL get to see it as it’s written!

It’s a bit frightening, if I’m honest, but hey, let’s give it a go!


In terms of the story that I will start work on, I want to give you some choices. I have outlines for several stories at the moment, along with an estimated word count (very rough). It’s the number of words I think that particular story could run to. Here are your choices:

  • Story 1: A story based on the William Hughes Mearns’ poem Antigonish. If you don’t remember it, pop it into Google. It starts “As I was walking up the stairs, I met a man that wasn’t there.” Word count 9K-11K.
  • Story 2: I’ve got a title for this one already – Reproductive Cycle. It revolves around a man contracting some form of ‘alien virus.’ Word count 5K-7K.
  • Story 3: A possessed car and its shenanigans. Word count 4K-6K.
  • Story 4: A serial killer with a clever way of continuing his killing streak. Word count 11K-13K.
  • Story 5: A Book with reality-altering properties. Word count 8K-10K.
  • Story 6: A story of the afterlife. I’ve been reading a lot of late 19th, early 20th century short horror, and I’d like to do this in that style. Word count 4K-6K


In the poll below, click on which of the stories you would be most interested in following along with. I have my favourites, so I reserve the right to break a tie! The shorter word count ones may require me to start a second story to hit the 10k mark. In that case, I’ll start on a second.

I hope this is something you’ll be interested in taking part in. I’ve never tried something like this before, so it should be interesting to find out how it works! I’d love to have you join me for this experiment.

Put any questions you have, in the comments. I will do my best to get answers to you!


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