Mystery-Suspense-Thriller Instafreebie Promo

Mystery, thriller and suspense books going free. Snap them up while the offer is on!

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Some of you will be familiar with Instafreebie, where you can find new titles and check them out for free.

Well, over the next few days (29-31 January), I’m taking part in a promotion with fellow authors in the mystery, suspense & thriller genres where we share our books for free via Instafreebie.

So if you’re looking for ‘fresh meat’ for your eReader, just hit the button below and head on over to Anne R Tan’s promo page to check out what’s on offer then click a book cover to pick it up on Instafreebie

Please help spread the word by sharing the promotion on your favourite social media platform.

I hope you’ll enjoy browsing the line-up. Who knows, you may find something new you’ll love reading!

All the best!

Alannah Foley
aka the ‘Pyjama Writer’

Alannah Foley - aka The Pyjama Writer




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