Reading Links…1/17/17

Pick your poison and find some great fiction…

Where Genres Collide


Reading Links…1/17/17

Traci Kenworth


  1. Do you like fantasies?
  2. A woman is ripped from temple life to fight ninety-nine other courtesans to be queen.


Romance/Women’s Fiction:

  1. Can she begin a new life free of the prison of her old one?




  1. Treat yourselves to some scary!!
  2. Calculated to infect a reader’s imagination.
  3. horror and humor melded together.
  4. The narrator is thinking of ending her relationship with her bf while meeting his parents. Things go strange when he returns to his old high school.
  5. Amazing, atmospheric cannibal tale.


  1. No phone coverage. No people. No help.
  2. When her niece is kidnapped by a serial killer who leaves dolls in her place, can a detective who failed her last case, win this one?
  3. What it’s like being in the Top Ten of 2016.
  4. The first in a…

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