Guest Post: “From Slasher Novel To Short Story Collection” by John Quick

A man after my own heart! I’ve been questioning myself recently about the genre I’ve been writing. Is it horror, dark fiction, weird fiction, or is it something else? John seems to describe it excellently here. What’s more, he has a short story collection to demonstrate! Check it out. I know I will.

The Horror Bookshelf

Today’s post on The Horror Bookshelf comes from John Quick, who I featured quite a bit over the summer. I reviewed his debut novel Consequences, which is based on a real-life serial killer legend from his hometown. One of the things that I really loved about Consequences was that it was written in a style that is reminiscent of vintage slasher films and featured well-developed characters and a vicious premise. In case you missed my full review, you can check that out here. I also got to have an interesting conversation about the inspiration and history behind Consequences and some of his upcoming projects.

John has a new short story collection out now called Three Shots and a Chaser and it is one I am looking forward to reading! Consequences was an excellent debut and there is no doubt in my mind that John is going to have a bright…

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3 thoughts on “Guest Post: “From Slasher Novel To Short Story Collection” by John Quick

  1. So far, your works are really intriguing! To be honest, they heavily remind me of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Especially the nightmarish parts! It was like reading/watching it in novel form!

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