Get your Amazon Author page up and running internationally (with pictures!)

Amazon Logo HorrorAs a relatively new (and as-yet unknown) author, it’s important for me to get my name out as far as I can, and for an author, that invariably means using Amazon.

If you’ve listed a book for sale with Amazon, you may well have come across Author Central. It enables you to link all your books together along with your photo and author bio – your Amazon author profile page, if you like. It enables potential readers to learn a little more about you and provides them easy access to all your other books. If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you head over there now and get yourself up and running on author central.

Amazon has sites across the world, but there are several key Amazon markets that would be helpful to get your information listed up on: UK, USA, France, Germany, Japan.

So it might be just me, but I assumed that my Amazon Author Central UK page would populate all the other Amazon sites across the world. Turns out, that’s not the case.   No problem. I’ll just cut and paste my UK version into it. Not so. If you need to set up an author central page, read on to find out the simplest and quickest way to achieve this.

I have had mixed results when allowing Google to translate these sites. Sometimes I can click through the translated site, sometimes not. I’ve had no such trouble with the un-translated versions of these pages, but unfortunately, my French knowledge takes me back to my school days, my daughter is not about today to translate the German for me, and my Japanese? Not so good.

You could try translating the site yourself, sentence by sentence if you like. That should work. Long-winded, but should work.

What follows is a walkthrough of that process, along with pictures. Nice.

Head over to the Author Central for the country you’re going for.  Germany, France, Japan.

You’ll be met with a screen like this.  Terms and conditions.  Just in another author central

Click the yellow ‘accept’ button.  If you feel the need to read the terms, copy it and run it through Google Translate.

Author Central log onNext, you’ll see the usual Amazon log on screen.  Even if you already have an Amazon account, you will need to create a new one (but only one).  Select the top box to create a new account.  You will then be taken to a page to do just that.  On the creation screen (next one) put your name in the first box, your email in the second, then again in the 3rd.  The two input boxes are for you to enter a password, then confirm it.  Finally, click the yellow button to accept your new account.

On the next screen, confirm your identity by clicking the yellow button.  That takes you to search for your books:

Amazon Author Central find booksYour name should auto – appear in the box, like mine did.  You will need to select the 2nd option in the drop-down box and then click go.  It will then take you to a list of your books.  If they are correct, click one of the yellow buttons to the right of the covers.

Amazon Author Central BooksNext, you will be asked to confirm again.  Click the Yellow button.

After that is the notification of an email confirmation.  Open up the email you will have received.  Click the top link of the two that you will receive and that will take you back to author central, where you will be greeted by a screen that says your account set up is complete.

Amazon Author Central bio

options to click:

  1. Author Page
  2. Books
  3. Sales Rank
  4. Customer reviews

A click to the author page (No. 1) will enable you to add your Bio and Photos.  You will see your main page, which should hopefully start to look familiar.  If not, circled below on the left, click to add your bio.  On the right click to add photo’s.

Amazon Author Central add bio

To add the bio, simply copy your English version and paste it into Google translate.  Copy and paste the translation back in here.  Adding pictures is the same.  Add your image file to the box in the next screen.

When you’ve done all that, it should look like the image below.  Except with your face.  And your books.  And your bio.


Interestingly, I look the same in French, German and Japanese.

Hope that’s helpful.  I’ll be posting other bits that will be of help to new authors.

Let me know what else you’d like to learn about in the comments.

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