50 Questions: Everything you ever wanted to know about me, but didn’t care enough to ask.

horror story 50 questions

Something different today.  I recently read a post from Colour Me Clueless, which was 50 random questions about them.  It made for an interesting read (and you can read that post HERE) and the post challenges you to do similar.  So, here are 50 questions that I hope will help you get to know me better.  Enjoy:

How old are you?   45 in 2016.

Married?   Yes. I’m very lucky to have an amazing wife.

How many children do you have and their ages?   Two children, boy 12, girl 17.

Favourite child?   Come on. Why would you ask me that?

Where do you live?   Nottingham, UK.

Morning or night person?    Neither.  I’m getting old.  If pressed, I’d say morning.

Sweet or salty?   Sweet.

Ninjas or pirates?   Pirates are way cooler than ninjas. Everyone knows that.

Favourite current TV show?   Walking Dead (of course).

Favourite show of all time?   Sopranos.

Reincarnated as what animal?   A bird. With armour.

What superpower?   Invisible.

What time do you wake up? About 7am.

Favoutite singer / group?   Beastie Boys.

Favourite song of theirs?   Ch-Check it out.

Best Job?   Playworker.

Worst job?   Computer programmer at Experian (What was I thinking?).

Favourite sport?   American Football.

Favourite film?   Spirited Away. It’s amazing.  Seriously.  Watch it.  Your life will be better for it.

Any hidden talents?   If so, they are well hidden from me (writing, but hopefully that’s not hidden).

Who would play you in a film of your life?   Morgan Freeman. He’s really good.

Ever broken a bone? Which ones?   Yes. Legs, arms, wrist, ribs, nose (American football, in case you wondered).

Favourite book?   Can I have a series? ‘Dark Tower’ if so, ‘The Drawing of the Three’ (King) if not.

Most recent book you read? Last novel was The Poet by John Connelly, short story collection: Bazaar of Bad Dreams by King, Short story: The Empty House by Algernon Blackwood.

Biggest influence as a writer?   It changes. For a long time it was Stephen King, but more and more I find myself reading HP Lovecraft, WF Harvey, Algernon Blackwood (late 19th, early 20th century).

Best short story you’ve read? Hard, but I’d have to say ‘The Dune’, by Stephen King.

Favourite video game?   Xbox One, the Binding of Isaac rebirth.

One word to describe you? Infuriating.

Planner or pantser?   Plantser (can I have that?)

Worst thing about being a wheelchair user?   Not being able to run.

Best thing about being a wheelchair user?   Not queuing at Disney (then I was top dad).

Alien or Aliens?   Aliens, but it’s close.

Favourite number?   4.

One piece of advice to pass on to your kids?   Try your best.

Favourite car?   Ford Escort Mk2.

Favourite meal?   Roast dinner, the best being Christmas dinner.

What scares you?   Spiders. Rollercoasters. Being on a rollercoaster with a spider.

Favourite ‘Spennyriver’ English phrase?   ‘Oo woree wi’?’ – ‘Who was he with?’

Best story you’ve ever written (in your opinion)?   ‘Snap of the Fingers.’ A young boy is faced with an impossible decision to save his mum’s life. It will be in the collection ‘A Sinister Six,’ coming REAL soon.

Favourite podcast?   ‘Welcome to Nightvale.’

Three authors we should check out?   Cristoph Fischer, Drew Avera, Alannah Foley.

Do you believe in aliens?   Yes.

Do you believe in ghosts?   No.

Breakfast cereal?   Crunchy Nut Clusters.

Favourite drink?   Water.

Have you ever seen a badger?   No, and it bothers me.

If not horror, then what?   Humour.

Best blog post you’ve written recently?   Hacks for NaNo

What’s on TV at the moment?   At the time of writing, it’s Basil vs Arsenal, Champions League. Arsenal are 4-1 up.

Best Star Wars film?   Empire Strikes Back.  Obviously.

Well, there you go.  You now know more about me than you probably needed to.

Disagree with any of the answers?  What about Alien vs Aliens?


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