Christmas Giveaway! Get my next collection for FREE!

A short post today. Just long enough to tell you about my latest giveaway: 

What’s on offer?

  • This opportunity is only available to subscribers to my updates (if you’re not one already, click the big red button on the homepage, or go HERE).
  • In the run – up to Christmas, I would like to give away THREE advance copies of my new book, A Sinister Six, for FREE.
  • Everyone that takes part will get a new short horror story that is currently available nowhere else, called The Island, so everyone will have something new to read in time for Christmas!

How can you get a copy?

  • Simply refer you friends or family to my updates.  That’s it!
  • Between now and Christmas, talk to any horror – loving friends or family and ask them if they would be interested in receiving FREE horror updates from me.  If so, collect their email addresses.
  • During the week of 19th – 23rd December, send me that list ( from the email you originally signed up with, and those people will be able to receive these updates and will get a FREE story for their time!
  • The 3 subscribers that send me the most names will receive an electronic copy of A Sinister Six.

A Sinister Six is a collection of six (clever, right?) short horror stories:

  • An old man is forced to do something terrible to save the memory of his wife.
  • A boy is offered an impossible choice to save his mum’s life.
  • A photograph that cannot be is rediscovered.
  • A man falls in love with a woman he sees in the park, but it takes him a lifetime to be with her.
  • A doctor tries to protect our existence from a book that demands to be read.
  • An overworked man struggles to differentiate between what is real and what isn’t.

BONUS story: A father and son plan a visit to the cinema. At least that’s the plan.

That’s it!  Short, but sweet.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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