Story Starters – Grow Your Own Story!

Story Starter from Steve Boseley

New writer looking for a way to start your first story?

Experienced writer looking for something different?

Well today I present for you the first of my STORY STARTERs.  A ready-made beginning to a story to fire those creative brain cells.

What it is

  • It’s a ready-made beginning to a story, that might contain a character, a setting or just a prompt for the rest of the story.
  • It’s a chance to flex your creative muscles.
  • FREE for you to use any way you like.
  • Today it’s a MONSTER 5,000 words to set you on your way!

What it’s not

  • It’s not a complete story (see above).
  • It’s not a license to steal my work and pass it off as your own.

What’s the catch?

  • Let me know when you write something using it.
  • Let me know if you publish something using it (Free or Paid).
  • Please DO NOT just use these pieces on their own. Work them into your story.
  • Please include a link back to this website (

Ok, that’s the rules out of the way.  I did promise a monster freebie for the first one, and here it is, well the first thousand words or so.  The rest is available to download as a .docx file by clicking the image at the end (it’s 5,000 words!). If you’d prefer it as a pdf, just let me know.  Let me know in the comments how you intend to use it.


LUCIA (you can change the title)

“Lucia, it’s me.” Merle said. “I’ve done something.” His voice cracked as he spoke.

“Merle?” Lucia held the phone close and turned her back to the room. “It’s late. My dad says I need to be going to bed.”

“I’ve done something, Lu. Something bad. I need you.”

“Can’t it wait? I’ll stop round on the way home from school tomorrow.”

“No, it can’t wait.” Merle appeared to be crying. “I can be at your house in about twenty minutes.”

There was silence on the line before Lu spoke.

“Let me ask my dad.”

Merle listened to the muffled voice of Lu’s dad: he didn’t sound happy. After a moment, Lu spoke again.

“Dad says you’ve got to come and get me. I’m not allowed out on my own at this time.”

“Fine. Give me twenty minutes, but be ready to go when I get there.”

The line went dead.

Merle wiped the blood off his phone and stuffed it back into his jeans. He looked at his reflection in the window of his car. He would need to wash his face before he went to Lu’s. It was hard to tell which bits were bone, which bits were skin, and which bits were, well, brain. Hayley had not been the brightest of girls he had known, but Merle guessed that intelligence was not a contributing factor in the size of a brain. She had been the first girl that had agreed to have sex with him, so that has to count for something.

He scraped the biggest parts of whatever it was off his face and flicked them into the grass. Leaving evidence wouldn’t be a problem if he could get to Lu quick enough. He hated using her like this, like a personal do-over switch, but she had a gift for it, and a man had to use all the tools in his box, didn’t he?

The car would need to be moved, so Merle slipped into the driver’s seat and turned the engine. To his surprise and relief, it started first time. They had parked up in a fairly remote spot. Trees blocked the view from the main road. This was a popular spot for lovers – well, perhaps lovers was not the right word. It was a spot where people parked when they wanted a shag. People in love tended to be in relationships where they had access to better facilities than a twenty five year old Ford Fiesta.

Merle shivered as he looked around at the car; the passenger seat was still fully reclined, the windows still fogged over. Parts of Hayley dripped from the door handle, the ceiling, the dashboard, in fact Merle couldn’t see a part of the car that didn’t have Hayley dripping from it. Her white pumps seemed to have survived and lay in the passenger footwell, although they were no longer white, now they were a mixture of dark red and pink. Merle thought he could still see part of a foot in them, but he could not say for certain. She hadn’t been wearing any trousers, just a skirt to allow him ease of access and to his surprise, no knickers, which seemed to make it even worse for Merle, as he figured that this meant that she had come ready to do the deed. He didn’t know if he was her first, but if he wasn’t, she must have received advice on how to appear ‘in the mood’, as that was the message he got. Part of her sweater was draped over to back seat, caked in God knows what.

Merle took a moment to look at himself: his jeans were covered in bits of Hayley, as was the jacket he wore. He looked in the mirror and winced at the sight of his face, covered in blood, his hair plastered to his face, stained red. Mr Bennett, Lu’s dad, would have questions if he turned up looking like this. He would need to clean up.

He rolled the car a few hundred metres along the road and pulled off into the thickest part of woods, where he killed the engine. He got out and locked the car, although if anyone cared to look in, they would surely think twice about driving off in it. He headed off towards the little stream that ran through this part of the woods and when he found it, he stripped of his jacket and t-shirt and knelt at the water’s edge and began to splash water over his hair and face. For a few minutes, the tiny stream ran red, as he washed bits of the first girl he had ever stuck it to, out of his hair.

He had promised Lu he would be there in twenty minutes, and he had already spent five minutes – albeit five well spent minutes – cleaning up. His jacket had taken the worst of the blood, and he pulled on a mostly clean t-shirt and began to run back towards the road. It took him longer than he had guessed, but even accounting for avoiding other people he made it to Lu’s house in under half an hour. He knocked on the door and retreated into the shadows to wait for Lu. It was only seconds before she opened the door and stepped outside. She turned back to the house and shouted back inside.

“Merle’s here, I’m going. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” She pulled the door shut and walked along her garden path, Merle falling in stride beside her. Before they reached the gate at the end, they heard the door open, and Mr Bennett’s voice shout after them.

“What have you done this time son?”

That was clearly aimed at Merle, who turned back, staying in the shade. “Nothing sir, well, nothing really. I’ll have her back before you know it.”

“I’m sure you will Merle.” He paused for a moment, silhouetted against the light of the open door. “I’m not going to remember any of this, am I?”

It was Merle’s turn to pause while he shifted his weight. “No sir. I don’t think you will.” At that Merle put an arm around Lu. And together they moved off along the road.

When they were out of earshot, Lu looked up at Merle. He had been like a big brother to her. She had a younger brother, but he couldn’t really do much yet.

“What have you done, Merle?” She knew there was something. There was always something, but this was new, even for Merle; his face said this was big.


Now, download the whole 5,000 words, and let me know how you use it!  Click the image below to download the Story Starter.Story Starter from



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