NaNoWriMo (with MS) – Update 1

NaNoWriMo updateNaNoWriMo update

This is the first update of my NaNoWriMo challenge.  Above to the left you can see my day 1 total, and to the right is day 2 (today).

I wanted to print them out and save them, because it represents something that I never thought possible: that I could sit and write that many words in a day. Most of them actually made sense and some of them are even in the right place! [Tweet that]

I am aim to keep these updates coming as often as I can and along the way share one thing that I have learned since the previous update.

I had toyed with the idea of this challenge for the last two years, adamant each time that I would take it on, tackle it head on, and push through to completion. Sounds so easy when you say it like that, but each of those last two years were non-starters. Why was that? I was missing one crucial element:


The first year I thought that if I had just finished a book of 60,000 words, surely I would be able to put together 50k words. Of course, those 50k words were spread out over a much longer time.

How much preparation you need to do will depend on your style of writing. It is generally accepted that there are two types of writers – Planners and Pantsers.

Planners are people that want to plan out all of the key plot points, chapters, characters, motivations, etc.

Pantsers like to write ‘by the seat of their pants’. To them, the path a story takes is not totally set in stone from the outset, and can often take a direction previously not considered.

Well, I’m somewhere in the middle. I tend to start with an end, then try to work out how we got there! But for NaNoWriMo, I felt there wouldn’t be enough time to let the story sit with me for a few days whilst I mulled it around.

MS update: Not been an issue so far, but it’s only been 2 days…


My NaNoWriMo advice for today is plan as much as you can. It speeds up the whole process! If you’re a Pantser, give it a try!

Only a short update today, as I’m saving all my words for NaNoWriMo!


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