Would you like more FREE Horror Fiction?

Hot offerWell, that’s what I’m offering anyone that is reading this blog post.  Some of you follow this blog, and some of you might just have stopped by (hello, by the way), but that’s no problem as this offer is open to everyone!*

My novella, Die, Blossom, Bloom (order here) is now available to order.  If you order before May 9th, it will cost you just 99p, plus you will be able to get a FREE horror story from my upcoming book, A Sinister Six, just by emailing a screenshot with proof of purchase to authorsteveboseley@gmail.com .  At the moment, that story is going by the name Eye, and it’s a story of a man’s descent into madness. You can read it months before anyone else, plus did I mention it was FREE?

Read on for details on how you can get more FREE horror…

Well, the pre-orders have been coming in every day since the launch, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to offer more!  So what I’m offering now, is the chance for you AND a friend to get another FREE story, by referring that friend to purchase Die, Blossom, Bloom.  Ask that friend to send me a screenshot of their purchase (authorsteveboseley@gmail.com)  along with the email address of the person that referred them, so I can send the referrer another FREE story from A Sinister Six.

By referring people this way, you can get up to FOUR of the six stories in A Sinister Six for FREE..

*This offer is only available to those people that have sent me proof of purchase, and will run until release date, May 9th.

How do you promote your books? Let me know in the comments below.


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