What the heck Wednesday??!! Hotels and wheelchairs

love-416479_640Short midweek piece around something that has baffled me recently. Today, I want to mention hotels and disability.

My wife and I are hoping to get a holiday later this year. Nothing fancy, just a caravan by the sea. We are hoping to take our son (11yrs), our daughter has reached the age where being seen out with your parents is not cool.

So, we start looking online for suitable caravans and chalets, but as I am a wheelchair user, we obviously looked at accessible caravans. They exist, of course – it’s 2016 after all – but the first few we looked at with ramps, level – access showers and so on, didn’t really come equipped for families with children. You could have 2 single beds and a separate bed for my son. The beds are fastened to the floor, so we couldn’t even move them together. The suggested work-around, was to use a roll-out bed on the floor, but I’m not getting up easily if I get down that far, and as nice as it might be to spend the day in bed, I think I would be missing the point of the family holiday, right?

This isn’t an isolated incident: in 2011, all four of us got over to Disneyland in Florida. Same problem – we can have a double bed with a level-access shower, but that was it. No second bed for the kids.

“If you upgrade, you can have a second double bed and accessible facilities,” we were told by the travel agent, which was great. The upgrade, however, would set us back an additional £3000. Suffice to say we said no. I could cope for a couple of weeks.

As it turned out, when we got there, we did get that accessible shower room AND two double beds.

We’ll keep looking, and I’m sure we’ll get that holiday sorted. Strange though, don’t you think? Is it because disabled people don’t have sex? And they certainly can’t have children, right?


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