Launch team – Places still available!

Rocket Launch authorsteveboseley.comJob roles and responsibilities:

  • Read a FREE early copy of ‘Die, Blossom, Bloom’ and let me know what you think
  • Pick some of your favourite quotes or passages from the book and let me know what they are.
  • Share these quotes with your social media / blog followers, linking them back to
  • Be active on social media in the run up to the launch later this year, promoting the book.

Well, it’s not a real job; you don’t get paid sick leave, there are no overtime payments, and there is no office party to worry about, but you WILL get your hands on a FREE EARLY COPY of my novella ‘Die, Blossom, Bloom’ for your trouble.

The new plan: I’m pushing back the launch of ‘A Sinister Six’. Not far, but I have now decided to concentrate my efforts on the launch of my Novella, ‘Die, Blossom, Bloom’. It’s a story of love, horror, and deception in a sleepy village in the heart of England.

As part of the launch experiment, I’m trying to recruit some readers, keen on helping with the launch of the book by sharing their favourite parts of the book with their social circles – Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc. At the moment, that team is coming along slowly, but there are still more places available, but numbers are LIMITED.


What’s in it for you?

Well, everyone joining can get their hands on an early copy of Die, Blossom, Bloom for FREE!

Launch team members joining before March 15th will receive 2 FREE stories from the upcoming book ‘A Sinister Six’.

Join before April 15th and receive 1 FREE story from the same book.


How do I get involved?

Simply get in touch with me via the CONTACT page, or

at my email address, or

catch me on Facebook .


Add your name to my email newsletter list to receive another FREE story and info on similar giveaways!


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