RE-COVER & CONQUER…? – An Experiment in Book Cover Design

Another author with her own experiment ongoing. This time in relation to her book cover…

The Pyjama Writer Blog

If you’re an indie author who’s been having trouble selling copies of the work that’s closest to your heart, you’ll probably have spent hours trying to figure out how to haul your book from the gloomy Quagmire of Failure, onto the cheery Shores of Success.

One of the most important questions you’ll no doubt have asked yourself along the way is:  Is my book cover cutting the mustard?

And if you’re asking this right now, you’re not alone.

Last year, I launched my first mystery in the Campervan Bushman series, Killer Climate.  Yep, I’d heard all the advice about getting a decent book cover and all that jazz.  And I really believed I’d made a good job of putting together a nice, light-hearted cover that would reflect the mood of my main character, Scott Chevalier, who’s a kind of young Crocodile Dundee with a campervan & surfboard.

But I…

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