Book Launch Update – What’s going well? What’s killing me?

LearningI’m about 6 weeks into the book launch experiment for my first book, ‘A Sinister Six’.

It may seem like very little has happened in terms of information about the launch, so today is a quick run down of where things sit currently, along with Star - Learning Point LEARNING POINTS to take away.

Web Site – The Wix website is live. There are several small bits that I would like to change, but I can deal with those at a later date. I found that I was spending a large amount of time making small changes to the site before I hit that ‘Publish’ button. I think this was my way of procrastinating, and not posting actual blog posts, or actually getting on with writing the book! Star - Learning PointLEARNING POINT – Don’t get bogged down with this stage. I mentioned this in a previous post as something to avoid, but fell in to that trap anyway. I suppose it proves that it’s good advice!

Mailchimp Newsletter – After consulting with several more experienced authors (some of whom appear on THIS LIST), I decided to set up an email newsletter. There are 2 DISTINCT ADVANTAGES to this: Firstly, because my author website is with Wix, but this blog is with WordPress, having a signup option on both enables me to add to 1 main email list, so it makes no difference if you sign up at Wix or WordPress! Secondly, having an email newsletter (and not just a ‘follow blog’ button) will allow me to interact differently with those people – access to more in depth discussion, updates, offers and giveaways. Star - Learning Point LEARNING POINT – Give serious thought to how you want to interact with people on your site. Will you be blogging regularly? What can you offer your readers?

Cover and Logo design – I have made contact with someone that has the skills to design me a distinctive-looking logo, which I will be using on the website, the blog, and all the social media networks that I can be followed on. Star - Learning Point LEARNING POINT – It can be helpful to have a similar look to all of your networks to help your readers confirm that they have found the right you! So, same fonts/style profile image, colour scheme. It looks professional, even if you’re not – Fake it, till you make it!

With cover design, I’ve not made as much progress as I would like. I intend to contact the universities that we have here in Nottingham, specifically targeting art / design courses where students may be interested in producing some of the art work I have in mind. I will be trying to source this work for as little cost as possible. I, unfortunately, am unable to find any spare cash, so my writing has to be as low cost as possible, preferably free. I would be able to offer free copies of the book, but also credits in the book which may help them when building a CV. I’ll let you know how that one turns out. Star - Learning Point LEARNING POINT – there are several avenues that can be tested for getting good quality artwork for those of us that are struggling for money.

Additional value – I have made arrangements to have the book simultaneously released as an audiobook. I am hoping to be able to offer selected stories in audio format to people on the email list, as a ‘thank you’ for helping with the launch later this year. I also envisage offering the audiobook as an incentive for those people who choose to pre order (or some such). In a similar way that people may choose to drop the prices on their book for a limited time, this creates a ‘scarcity’ to your book, in the sense that if you leave it to long, you will be missing out on some form of additional value (lower cost, audiobook, etc.). If I am able to make the artwork in the same way, this could also be ‘additional value’, possible pre ordered books coming with unique artwork within the book. Star - Learning Point LEARNING POINT – Before making any firm offers, you need to be sure that you can deliver. If the work being done is out of your hands, make sure that you will receive the offered items when you need them.


NEXT TIME – How can you, as readers, get involved? I’m looking for a ‘Launch Team’. Find out more next week.


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