Marketing? I’m a writer, not a salesman.

marketingI’m learning very quickly, that being a writer is not enough.  you need to have a plan to market your work and get it into the public domain in front of as many people as popular.  Last week you got a list of blogs relating to the craft of writing.  Today for your consumption, is a list of some of the sites that I have found to be incredibly helpful in understanding what marketing is – and isn’t – and how to give your book the best chance of success.  Just a short one today, as my MS is trying to derail me. A marketing expert, Tim has years of experience in handling book launches for many successful authors. His site is packed full of useful information on marketing and making sure your book launch is successful. Just check out the resource page! – Making sure your site is optimized and converting visitors to customers is what this site is about. Optinmonster carries a cost, but for those of you on a tight budget, I recommend checking out the blog at least, for some of the tips you can pick up there. – building your brand, tips for social media, book launch tips. – A former in-house publicist for a trade book publisher, SJ Miller delivers a blog packed with useful information for authors looking to maximise their sales opportunities. – You may remember this one from last week, but the sheer number and quality of the resources available to support authors with marketing their book merits a second mention. Everything from selling 1000 books, to building a list of followers, there is something in there for any writer looking to launch a first book, or looking to improve on their previous launches. This particular post does exactly what is says on the tin – 89 marketing ideas for your book launch and marketing your book. Run by a group of social media managers and web designers, there is plenty of useful info here to keep you busy! – The tag line is ‘Practical advice to build better books’. The articles page has a ton of useful information on a wide range of topics, including cover design, printing, production, legal issues, marketing, and much, much more. – Createspace has a lot to offer as far as promoting your book goes and how to develop a strategy to give your book the best possible chance of success. Find information on the basics of book marketing and how to target your audience and creating a plan of acion for your marketing efforts.

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