Common mistakes authors make with websites

Mistake!Last time I talked about some of the common mistakes that authors make with their website. We left off part way through. READ THE FIRST PART HERE and read on for the rest, as we continue with Common mistakes authors make with their website:

No contact info – linked with the previously mentioned author bio, it needs to be clear how to contact you. Don’t hide your email somewhere amongst all the links. Readers will not spend minutes trawling through your site to find your contact info.

No social media presence – You may not want to, but social media is an excellent way of getting connected with your potential readers, and to that end, ensure that your site makes it easy to link with you on some of the most popular social media sites. Just like your email address, make it obvious to a potential reader where they can find you on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, etc. Obvious links on each page is a good way to start.

Domain name – Some authors choose a domain name based on their upcoming book, but what happens when you publish your second book, or a sequel? Consider having a domain name based on you as an author. That makes it easier to begin building name recognition with your readers as an author of books, not just one book. There are some good examples of websites created around a book, but often that comes much later in the process. It makes more sense to work on building your website instead.

No ‘buy’ links – Whether you are selling your books or you just want people to read them, don’t forget to make it clear how they should do so. Have links readily available to your store or point people in the direction of some of the places that they can buy your work. Don’t make them work for it, because they won’t.

Leave a comments to let me know if you agree or disagree with this list.

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