Ten amazing posts on story structure

bridge - story structureStory structure is something all aspiring writers will  have to grapple with at some point, and if you’re new to the craft, or even if you want to brush up, here are ten excellent posts on story structure, in no particular order:

  • Karen Woodward – Karen introduces us to Dan Harmon’s story structure, that she goes on to explain in some detail.  Dan’s original post can be found further down this list.  This is amazingly detailed guide to story structure that is delivered over several posts.  The link here will get you to the initial post, with the others linked from within.
  • Helping Writers Become Authors – Author KM Weiland takes you through all the important elements of a story, from the initial hook, all the way through the 3 act structure, to the resolution.  As above, each element is broken down in depth.
  • Kristen Lamb – Kristen starts by telling you that writers must understand structure if they want to be successful.  Luckily, she goes on to lay out how you can get a great start.
  • Write to Done – Structure, and why we need it.
  • Karen Woodward – Karen Woodward makes it a second time, but this post is talking specifically about structure in short stories, so any of you cutting your teeth on short fiction (myself included) should find something of use within.
  • Dan Harmon – This is the full post of the structure that Karen describes up in post number 1.  Dan struts you off at the beginning with this post entitled ‘Super basic shit’.  Follow the series from here.
  • Janice Hardy’s Fiction Universe – Day 1 of a Fiction University’s at-home workshop looks at analysing story structure.  This section is about getting the plot and story worked out and identifying any holes, so that you know where to focus your time when making revisions.
  • Janice Hardy’s Fiction University – Janice discusses Michael Hauge’s Six Stage Plot Structure.   She also suggests that this technique can be used for writing your synopsis when you are ready to submit that novel.
  • Michael Hauge’s Story Mastery -Michael presents us with 10 simple keys to effective plot structure.  He presents this as a starting point for writing novels, screenplays or presentations.
  • Writer’s Digest –  Orson Scott Card presents you with the idea that there are only four basic story structures.  He makes his case for each type and explains the structure behind each.

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