Diary of an author with MS 7/12/15


Saturday was a good day.  I dropped my son and my wife off at skating about 7.30am.  My son (11) is in the National Figure Skating Academy, and has quite a hectic schedule.  Some Saturdays I stay for the 6 hours he is there.  I tend to do some editing if I can get a table by myself, but today I came home and got on the Mac and opened up my WIP (what I actually did, was come home, trip through the front door and lie on the floor cursing for a while). It’s a short story in the style of one of Lovecraft’s ancient gods and other worlds.  I’m enjoying writing it and managed to get almost a thousand words down before the fatigue got to me!

I’m listening to audio versions of some of Lovecraft’s work at the moment..  I’m particularly taken at the moment, with Pickman’s Model, which is the story of a talented artist with a curious taste in subject matter.  I’m listening, as it’s easier than reading at the moment, plus I can listen while I’m driving!

I met again with the voice actor that will be voicing some of my work.  We came up with a plan that would be mutually beneficial: I would continue to write the short horror stories that I have been doing, and release some of them as a collection.  At the same time, he would record and release the audio versions.  The plan would be to offer readers the option, either to have the work in written or audible format, and cross-promote.  Working with disabled people as I do, I like the ability to offer my work in different (and perhaps more accessible) formats.

This raised another question: My branding.  As it stands at the moment, what you see on this website, is me, warts and all.  I put this site together on WordPress, because that’s what I see a lot of writers / bloggers using.  He had some concerns and questions, which I will address in a separate post.

As an aside, since I have started posting these regular updates about ‘Author with MS’, the hits to the site have gone up.  Now, I do not know if that is as a result of the content (being something other than just writing), or the fact that there is just a lot more content and it’s regular!  I realise I am in the early days of ‘platform building’, so any jump -even a tiny one – is a big deal to me.  Quite a buzz, actually, and very motivating!

I wrote a blog post about this previously, and if I’m honest, I quite enjoy writing about some of the challenges I am faced with as a disabled person in general, and as an author with MS specifically.  I see a lot of author website that focus strictly on writing-related topics, and that’s great as they can be really helpful, but I also like to read about how these people fit into the world, so I enjoy reading about their lives away from writing as much as their lives as authors.  The other thing it has done, is get me into a routine.  I have been trying to get something out every couple of days or so, and I am starting to notice when I haven’t put anything out – like  a little voice in the back of my head that says You haven’t posted anything for the last 2 days.  What are you going to do about that?  All I need to work on now, is trying to balance writing new fiction, with writing blog updates and social media stuff.  But that’s a discussion for another day!

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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