13 Spennyriver Dispatch – New High Speed Rail Links Planned

japan-138954_640Spennyriver residents will soon be able to benefit from a second station in the town.

The ‘Riverside’ station will be built using public money, and is being built to allow high-speed trains to stop in Spennyriver. The high-speed train is anticipated to cut transport time to London by 50 percent, meaning that you will be able to be in London in a little over an hour. Opinion is divided on this project; we spoke to one Spennyriver local, who had this to say:

“London in an hour? Why would I want to go to London? Did you know they don’t queue for buses down there? It’s every man for himself. No thanks.”

However, we spoke to Johnny Stickman who had a contrasting opinion:

“It’d be like going to Disneyland! My kids think it’s brilliant. We’re planning a family holiday next summer to London. Apparently, 75 percent of the UK population lives in London. Did you know that? There are parades every night, with all the Disney characters, so I’m told, not to mention the Queen; I think she owns London. I’d love to meet her and tell her what a great job she does of running the country. I think it would be good for folks in London to meet someone like me, cos I’m not sure they know that life exists beyond the capital.”

It is expected that construction of the station will begin before Christmas, with the work being completed by 2018. Currently there are no lines that would connect to the station, but it the local council estimate that there will be money in the budget to begin track work in about 2025.

I for one am very excited for this opportunity to bring business to our little town, albeit not for another fifteen years. This will give us, and others, in the country the opportunity to see major events that only seem to happen to London.

– See more at: https://scriggler.com/DetailPost/Story/14438#sthash.yyaUA2Du.dpuf

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