What do you blog about?

So what am I supposed to be writing about on my blog? Have you asked yourself that question?

Well, I’m a writer. I write about writing, surely. Well, not necessarily. If you want to build a platform to launch your first novel, or you want to build up an army of followers on your blog, you certainly could go that way – there are some excellent blogs out there aimed specifically at writers for you to get inspiration from:

But do you have to?

Well, I would argue not necessarily. I have struggled with this question myself in recent weeks, and the answer I came up with, you can see is this site. Some of it is short stories, some of it is humorous (hopefully), and some of it IS snippets of info I have found that were useful to me as a writer.

But my life is more than that. And that is in no way a knock on the other writer sites. Quite the opposite, I enjoy many of these sites and follow many of them as I strive to improve my writing style. But what I wanted to do was to get out some of the things that are in my head: story ideas, excerpts of free-writing, things that amuse me, or things that anger me. A suggestion was made that I keep those parts of me separate from the fiction. But I’m not sure they are separate.

I am a writer, a father, a husband, a wheelchair user (not necessarily in that order, if my wife reads this). I also have multiple sclerosis, which is wonderful (sarcasm). All these things affect my writing and more and more I can see those aspects of me coming out in what I write:

I’ve just finished a short story about a ten-year-old boy whose dad is a wheelchair user. When I read it through now, it makes me upset (it doesn’t end happily). I was able to draw on those feelings of having children in the hopes of making some readers feel similarly.

My first Novella, Die, Blossom, Bloom, is a story about a man I know. I’m not sure which genre I would put it in, but there are elements of horror, but this man I had in mind has (so far as I know) never killed and dismembered his wife. But the character is based on a real person.

Children seem to feature heavily in what I write. I have two of my own, so why wouldn’t they? When I became a father, a switch was flipped somewhere inside me, and books or films with children seemed to elicit a much stronger reaction than previously and still do. So it may be a cheap trick, but to me, children can evoke strong emotions in stories, so I use them as characters.

I’m not looking to build a platform. I’m looking for people that can relate to me – that I can relate to. I love hearing from writers, but I also love to talk to people about the challenges they face in their lives – as an author, a disabled person, a father, a husband – as an author dealing with any / all the above. I also want people to read things I have written and previous experience has taught me that writers are busy people and more than once I’ve heard ‘I’m too busy writing to read’, so I’m not sure how successful recruiting an army of writer-followers is (let me know in the comments).

So this is a long way of saying ‘I’m going to write what comes to me, when it comes to me’. Some of it you may like, some not so much. But either way, I hope you will feel able to connect and tell me what you think.

Do you have a site / blog? Is it all writing-related?

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