Thickets confirm new manager

Yesterday, Spennyriver Thickets FC appointed Nigel Cloud as manager for the upcoming season. Following a stunning season in charge of Spenny County, which saw them finish the season as champions of the Andy’s Fish Bar League, Cloud jumped ship to local rivals, The Thickets, in time to take charge as they prepare for the new season. With a pre season tour of Derby only weeks away, local boy Cloud had this to say about the appointment:

“This is a great honour for me, to take on such a prestigious post. I know as well as anyone that the Asda Smartprice league is a huge step up from Andy’s Fish Bar League. I’ve got the backing of the chairman to bring in some new faces, and I’m looking forward to pushing for the league title this year.”

We asked Nigel about the controversy surrounding the team name:

“Look, I understand that there is a small minority of people that want to get shot of the club name and come up with something else, some new-age b******s. I’m not here to shake things up at this stage. The Thickets are so named for the town’s close connection with Brian Clough, who managed nearby Nottingham Forest way back in the day, so I’m told. Originally, the club wanted to show their respect by taking a similar name; like Forest, but not Forest, if you get me. Spennyriver Trees sounded odd, as did Spennyriver Coppice. There was a bit of a demand for Bush, but that was quickly rejected. So we have what we have, and as far as I’m concerned, we will always be The Thickets.”

So what did Cloud have to say about the club’s chances this year?

“Like I said, I’m here to do my best. If I can be standing here talking to you by the end of the season, having lifted the Smartprice trophy, I’ll be a happy man. Anything less, I’ll fire myself. And you can hold me to that.”

The preseason tour of Derby begins in two weeks. In the meantime, Cloud is heading out to Europe to have a look at some foreign talent to boost the team’s chances.

If you have any opinions on the appointment, or anything he had to say today, you can call our football mailbag on 111-BALL-BAG.

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