Search for missing woman continues

milk-carton-31473_640As the search for missing woman, Ilene Privett, moves into its third week, her family have staged a press conference asking for more information from the public. A tearful Julie Privett (30, Education centre nourishment consultant) fought back the tears as she made this heart-wrenching appeal:

“If anyone out there has any information about my mum, please let me know. When she left home three weeks ago, she only had a Mars Bar and a discount voucher for KFC with her. She is probably getting hungry by now.”

When asked to expand on Ilene’s situation, Julie said this:

“Well, the voucher was for a pound off a family bucket when you buy a litre of Pepsi, but her family is here, and we all miss her very much.”

What we do know is that police have been questioning a forty-five year old man, but they have yet to inform us what they are questioning him about.

Hope is fading for Ilene, and the police inform us that they are scaling back on resources assigned to this case. We have been told that Jeb Davis and his dog are all that remain of the search-party. It is hoped that the keen sense of smell of Jeb’s Yorkshire terrier will lead them to Ilene. We can only hope.

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