Lottery Funding Success

lotto-484782_640In light of recent funding cutbacks, the Council are pleased to announce they have secured over £50 in funding from the National Lottery. Although previous funding applications had been unsuccessful, Cllr Chappers came up with the bright idea of working in partnership with local shop-owner Keith Hamper, so that every pound people spent playing the lottery went directly to the Council, instead of the Lottery, hence the £50 gain.

When asked how he intended to spend the windfall, Cllr Chappers had this to say:

“It will go part way towards providing a world class leisure centre in the town of Spennyriver. I am already in talks with Jeff’s lumber yard, to share space with him. Citizens of Spennyriver will soon be able to access high class, state of the art sports equipment, albeit in a wood-yard.”

This is good news for the town and comes on the heels of a successful first week at the Spennyriver library / fish and chip shop. Cllr Chappers added this about the library / chip shop:

“Our decision to move the library into Ted’s (chip shop) has been a stroke of genius. Book lending has increased two-fold, with four books being loaned out in the last seven days.”

Public opinion of Spennyriver district council has been boosted by these two ventures. The future looks bright for this small town.

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